Lord i thank you for the gift of life for me, my family, friends and all reading this blog. i’m thankful for all  you’ve been doing and what you are going to do this brand new week.

Wondering why i am starting my first blog of the week this way? .

I learnt yesterday that “every great man is a grateful man” sometimes we neglect the word thank you when we are giving gift or rendered help. One major problem the world is facing today is because we fail to appreciate each other. Most divorce cases in the world today, is as a result of couples not being appreciative, some children are doing poorly in their academics just because the parents failed to encourage them and praise them for their little effort.

I remember back then when i was a little boy, each time my mum booked an appointment to see the doctor when i was sick, i’m always scared because i feared syringe.  My mum starts praising me, calling me different sweet names and before you knew it, i have been injected.

If praises have such impart on humans, what about Your creator, our heavenly father. He said if man fails to praise him, he will raise stones to praise him. the bible says ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! psalm 150:6


  • Our praises must come from a grateful heart
  • Praises must come from a joyful heart
  • Our praises must be heard because until you say it out, you have not said anything.
  • we must praise God with faith in our heart

Finally , remember complaining complicates things, grumbling may crumble you but praises will always raise you.

Have a nice day filled with praises