So many of us prefer eating crumbs on the floor than eating bread on the table,after all bread is made of the same ingredients and pass through the same fire as a result we stick to eating crumbs.

we keep making excuses for why its just ok to act really small, believing that settling for less is better, less risky and safer. we fail to consider the end result, failure or success.

Today youth prefer spending their time on things, relationship, life style or businesses that are not profitable,that do not stand the chances of being successful rather than engaging themselves with those things that will be profitable. and these has led to frustration, poverty, depression and death of so many

How To Know You Are Eating Crumbs

  1. Laziness: if you always have excuses for not doing a thing or work. Robert Half said “Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure but its only kept a secret from the person who fails
  2. Think More and do nothing: if you plan and never implement, always having this beautiful plan or dream that you constantly think about and never execute
  3. Lack Faith:if you are afraid of taking a step that will change your life positively. William James said “There is but one cause of human failure and that is lack of faith in his true self.
  4. God Factor: if you don’t love God or acknowledge him first before any other thing.

These are some of the signs that shows that you are eating crumbs.

Fact about Crumbs

  1. crumbs are usually small particles that has broken off from bread, it is mostly scattered  on the floor.
  2. Crumbs is a distraction from the main food
  3. It takes more time to pickup, gather and eat.
  4. You can never get filled eating crumbs

so why waste time in something that won’t profit you, “its good to dream but life appreciate those that dare to implement” Eat bread and not the crumbs and see the amazing result that follows.