It’s another wonderful year and my first blog for the year 2017.  I will start by saying Happy New year to you all.

So many of us are happy we made it to 2017 despite the problems we encountered in 2016, the hardship, failure and trials.

Some of us failed to live our dreams while others dwell in their shadows. Some made New  year resolution at the beginning of 2016 and they were able to resolve  them while others are carrying  theirs over to 2017 

I discovered that majority of those that live in their shadows and keep carrying out the same resolutions year by year are those that procastinate, mediocres, lazy one’s who are too lazy to work, afraid  of taking opportunities and looking for a shorter cut.

One thing we must know is that there are principles  in life that we must follow in other to find happiness in life.

We must first have a positive mind, positive attitude and think positively even when we are faced with fierce obstacles or problem. It’s only when we think positively we can dare to dream 

Finally it’s good to dream big, paint your heart with great picture, it will be a waste if you don’t bring all that to reality. 

Les Brown said ” how will you feel, if on your dying bed all the dreams you had, all the gift, talents that you got stands by your bedside Shouting at you for failing to use them”. It’s never too late to make amends.

Think Big Act Big and Expect Big

               Have a Lovely 2017