For some reasons people are not very cool with making changes. They prefer the status quo even when it is obvious that such have lost their relevance in an ever changing world.

Change is a hard commodity to purchase. Change is perceive as ;

When we consider all these, we then prefer to continue to pour old wine in a new wine skin.

Yes, they say old wine is better and stronger. This is true while the old system remains, but the moment a new system comes in, the old wine loses its place, the status quo has to be replaced.

In a world where new things are spinning out everyday, to remain with the old system is not to be compliant with the times. Thus, the world will leave you behind.

It is the fear of change that makes people continually pour old wine in new wine skins, it could even be too much reliance on the old system without giving an eye to something better that may come today.

How do you get better with a new idea? It is by building a new structure in YOU. Never be scared of having a NEW YOU