A man who is blind loses his sense of sight. However such people can pick up the slightest of sound from afar. They can ‘see’ people through their voices and even know people through the texture of their skins when they shake hands.

Thus, what he lost via his sense of sight, he gains via his hyper hearing and feeling sense.

One thing we must realize is that such skills do not come naturally. It takes patience and practice to be able to bring the best out of an unfortunate and terrible situation. But it is worth giving a try.

Most times we tend to focus so much on what we do not have, when in actual fact, what is lost here is actually found there.

What you think you lost via a terrible experience or encounter with someone or people is gained by the strength it gives you thereafter. The experience gives you emotional and psychological biceps that enables you to weather the storm when such comes up again in the future.

When something is lost, looking intently for it may make us lose sight of its substitute that is already available. No one loses twice. Whatever is lost in one mode, is found in another.

Just find it out.