George Allen said “The big thing is not what happens to us in life, but (how we handle) what happens to us”

One of life’s most important questions is not WHAT, but HOW. The What of life is always before us as unpleasant things are always bound to happen, however, the most important thing is How we handle them.

Job loss, disappointments, bad friends, heartbreaks, failed expectations, low self-esteem, inability to measure up to your level because of circumstances beyond your ability to control and many more all constitute the WHAT of life.

To be caught in a dragnet is a WHAT, to fashion a way of escape is a HOW. The latter is more important. Our daily lives is one of T&T- Threats and Treasures and in so many cases, the Threats come in first, that’s a WHAT. Then it becomes very important to work our ways out of these Threats into the Treasure. That’s a HOW.

We waste time when we beat on a closed door with the intentions to open it. That implies that we often dwell so much on life’s inadequacies and waste so much time on the WHAT rather than on the HOW.

If you are planning to give up already or worn out from the life’s scorching heat, then hear this;
Life’s difficulties make it easy for us to give up, but life’s opportunities make it easier to keep up.

Every difficulty of life is a WHAT and the opportunities that follow inherently is the HOW. Find out the How all the time and let the WHAT handle itself.