When we get along on a daily basis, chances are that we clash over conflicting ideas or decisions. This is natural, as the teeth and the tongue, though housed in the same dome do have to conflict here and there.

Since getting on each others nerve is constant, stepping on each others’ toes is inevitable, then how best do we get along when reconciliation really comes calling?

You know, we are really good lawyers when talking about our mistakes and very good judges when we talk about the mistakes of others.
Then, we have to be very careful not to sell our friends and loved ones away cheaply because down the road while we journey through life we may have to pay millions to get them back.
When we hurt each other, is it best to present matters in ways that make reconciliation impossible? Do we have to chew each other out to be able to make our points? Do we have to grind our folks to powder just because they did wrong?

We all tend to hurt each other on a daily basis, directly or indirectly and most times without even knowing it.

But in all, we must give peace enough room to operate.