many people has given up on their career, relationship, business and so on because of one reason or the other, which they may regret along the line

life always present pearls and pebble before us in different form, whether animate or in animate. pearls represent stuff of value before us while pebbles always constitute those things that try so hard to obstruct the shine of our pearls, if pearls and pebble are kept in the same bowl, chances are that we may not find all the pearls for the pebble because pebbles always over allow the brilliance and brightness of the pearls.

Same way as we travel along the way of life , certain people and sometimes practices constitute pebbles to the pearls that we are or carry. some friends and family member constitute pebbles to our pearls. In my case why growing up i loved singing and i always to wanted sing with the rest of ┬ámy family members but they always shut the door at me saying i have a croak voice. that’s the definition of pebble.

many times we even constitute pebbles to ourselves. procrastination, Laziness, negative self talk. sometimes we even project difficulty towards we have not started yet and many more.

placing pearls side by side with pebbles will surely prevent the formal from shining forth.