One area of life that is as old as man and yet never lost relevance is Art.

People combine intelligence with charismatic use of the hands to create an amazing master pieces that have kept the world in awe.

Recently , some artist  came up with ‘invincible art’ and i saw how people stared at a whiteboard with nothing  on it and yet it was ‘beautiful’, ‘wonderful’ etc.but a man with unartistic eyes, will see nothing

sometimes we may be forced to look at people , judging them by their situations  and running into conclusion that they have no future. Also people may look at you and say you are not qualified for a particular quest, job, project, don’t flare, cry or feel discourage. the are looking at an invincible art, they see nothing because they don’t have the artistic eyes

we all have a wonderful potentials to varying degrees. Never rush to judge people by present situations, remember don’t judge a book by the cover. There is more that goes into an  invincible art