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Invincible Art

People combine intelligence with charismatic use of the hands to create an amazing master pieces that have kept the world in awe.

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When praises Speaks

Lord i thank you for the gift of life for me, my family, friends and all reading this blog. i'm thankful for all  you've been doing and what you are going to do this brand new week. Wondering why i am starting... Continue Reading →

Enemy Called Procrastination

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Victor kiam said “procrastination is opportunity's assassin" Procrastination has made us pay more, miss great opportunities, loose things we love and cherish most, leave us depressed. Most... Continue Reading →

Don’t Eat your Future today

Some years back, i went to see a friend and we both decided to visit a restaurant because we were hungry. my friend made an order for food and ask the waiter to decorate the food with different types and... Continue Reading →

Leave the crumbs eat the bread

its good to dream but life appreciate those that dare to implement" Eat bread and not the crumbs

Principle Of Elevated Living(pt1)

So many of us have been at a spot for a very, very long time, stuck, frustrated and bored. Doing the same thing over  and over again as though we are robot or machine, prefer living the present simple rather... Continue Reading →

Equation of The Heart and Tongue

A self-righteous heart produces a judgmental tongue. A bitter heart produces an acerbic tongue. An ungrateful heart produces a grumbling tongue. But a loving heart produces a gracious tongue. A faithful heart produces a truthful tongue. A peaceful heart produces a reconciling tongue. A trusting heart produces an encouraging tongue.

2017 Resolution 

As a man thinket in his heart so is he. "The future we picture is the future we feature" Anonymous

Wine and Skin

It is the fear of change that makes people continually pour old wine in new wine skins, it could even be too much reliance on the old system without giving an eye to something better that may come today.

Wise Word From a Great Thinker

Haters will see you walking on water and say it's because you can't swim. Even if you dance on water, Your enemies will accuse you of raising dust.

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